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Business and Management Consultants

For smaller business we provide management consulting that focuses on developing long-term strategic plans, while business consulting works with small and large companies focusing on improving operational efficiency and business processes. We pride ourselves on client-focused, practical well thought solutions!

We want to determine exactly what a client’s needs are in as short a time frame as possible. There is no ‘on the clock mentality’, but rather a task-driven attitude under promising and over performing to completion.


The right solution for you and your organization, as effectively and efficiently as we can! Foster First (FF) is a Business Consulting & Project Management firm providing services across Western Canada and certain parts of the U.S.A.

Since 1999 our clients have received our help with their business as well as complete building and real estate services needs. From real estate selection and acquisition, strategic and conceptual planning, feasibility analysis, and raising of capital, to marketing and the Design & Construction Process Management, FF will provide a menu of services/options to fit almost any operation.

With a diversified history of projects that include all forms of housing and community development, FFS’s current focus is affordable housing projects and/or projects that benefit the community around them.



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